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My Songs

Funny Caring and Weird:
Released 8/19/2021. Funny Caring and Weird, Ashlyn's first release is about overcoming self-doubt and noticing the people around you who care. Even when the going gets rough.

Released 09/16/2021. Isolate is a song about social anxiety and being in a place you feel you don't belong.

The Stars: Released 01/06/2022, The Stars is about rediscovering the simple things like well....stars and trying to see them as you once did.

Stay Here Awhile: Released 07/22/2022, Stay Here Awhile is a love song dedicated to finding beauty within the darkness. Its heartfelt lyrics show when overcoming mental health, sometimes you need someone to hold your hand.
*Cover art by Talyssa Goulet

Outsecure: Released 09/04/2022, My first album! This playlist feature's remastered singles of already released songs and some new songs like Lighthouse, Not Home, and more!
*Photographed by Isaiah Slater


Flower Girl: Released 06/26/2023, I wrote this song about a girl who gets through high school without her parents. Though difficult, she grows up to be a mother, and loves her two kids unconditionally. I wrote this song about and for my mom.
*Cover art by Justin Klein

Want to hear more?

Visit any music streaming service to download my songs. Click below, or search for Ashlyn Bard or my album name, Outsecure

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